At last a FUN PACKED party for older children, with hilarious games and challenges which keep everyone engaged and entertained for the full party!

The Big Fun Gameshow is a party like no other. A massive hit around holiday parks in the UK, we’ve created a brand new version especially for Birthday parties, scaled down to fit in your house or hall but with all the FUN of the stage show!

At the start of the party the Guests are put into teams (between 2 and 3 teams depending on the size of the party) and each team competes in a series of stage gapes, group challenges, fun questions and dance offs to try and become the champions!

The show has been designed so nobody gets bored, an individual game is followed by a group game, and we try and cram as many games as possible into the 2 hours so everyone has their chance to play games and join in the fun.

Packed full of fun games like Shake Da Rattle, Head Da Skittle, Tish-Shu, Fast N Furious and Stack the Up, lots of group challenges like the Balloon Relay, Boss Floss, Speedy Superhero and Freeze don’t Sneeze and lots more. 

Using the latest technology teams play and answer the challenges on the team tablets and see game demos and the leaderboard on screen.

Don’t worry about winners and losers, we make it light hearted and fun, and every player gets a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate and finishes on the podium! Even though we can’t promise the Birthday child will be on the winning team we will make sure they win one of our special awards!

The show is in 2 parts split by a break for party food, so each part lasts about 45-50 minutes and fits perfectly in a 2 hour birthday party. The host will need approximately 20 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack up before and after the party.